Cory 2020
Cory Booker’s 2020 Presidential Campaign

Champions Partners
Bobby C. Martin Jr., Jennifer Kinon
Taylor Hale, Kayva Sing, Talia Cotton, Rebecca Matt
Brand Strategist
Carina Sandoval
Custom Typography
Tobias-Frere Jones
Jesse Ragan

The challenge was to differentiate the candidate from a wide field of candidates (and from Obama), to capture his singular voice, and to get people excited. In speaking with him, he gave us four key words to describe the 2020 campaign: Love, Defiant, Black, and Young.

The identity system includes four distinct layouts structures: Stacked, Vertical, Kinetic, and Lyrical. These options enabled the campaign’s design team to support messaging while expressing a range of tones, from joyful to somber.

Naming each layout provided an easy reference point while quickly churning out large amounts of materials on short turnaround times. These were used across everything from placards and rally signs to social graphics and t-shirts.

Designer. Art Director.